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In 1995 the City of Glen Eira Council went to public tender seeking significantly more IT experience at a more competitive price. The Council did not have the expertise to manage their desktop and server fleet.  Interleave was the successful bidder and in early 1995 we commenced a relationship with Glen Eira Council that has thrived to this day. Interleave has demonstrated their capability to manage and support all information technology equipment and systems software for the Council over the last 22 years.

Business Challenge

When Interleave took over the management of IT at Glen Eira Council, the organisation had just Two Servers and Eighty 80 PCs. ICT application, helpdesk support and infrastructure management was to be completely outsourced and managed solely by Interleave Australia.  The business challenge for Interleave and Glen Eira has been to grow together successfully.  Glen Eira has had to brief Interleave on the anticipated growth and changes to the business, while Interleave has had to keep Glen Eira abreast of new technologies, of new possibilities, and of new services to meet the ever changing needs of Glen Eira.  Today, Glen Eira boasts over 650 PC’s and laptops, more than 300 tablets and mobile devices and more than 50 Servers in the complex VMWare environment it hosts today.


Our success has been based on our approach and our philosophy.  The team at Interleave Australia have built a strong working relationship with Glen Eira Council and are seen as an integral part of the team.

ICT infrastructure has increased exponentially to accommodate changing requirements with noticeable changes in networking topologies, virtual environments, mobility technology, workstation and server fleets and application deployments. In addition to managing the Help Desk, Interleave are responsible for all Network, SAN, Server and Desktop monitoring and management, the installation and management of a global unified communications solution, all backups, disaster recovery and business continuity planning and management, the management of network security and intrusion detection, systems administration, applications development and integration and a range of specialised IT infrastructure projects.

Client satisfaction stands firm as one of our core philosophies and achieving this requires a fine balance of many components. Interleave has consistently been assessed by Glen Eira Staff as being highly competent, professional and helpful in the annual “IT Survey”.

“Delivering IT services to the local government sector can be very challenging. The complexity of systems and applications that make up a local government makes for a unique support prospect and having resources that have an understanding of these applications is even more onerous. This is what sets Interleave apart from the rest of the crowd.

Beyond the technical skills possessed by Interleave, their soft skills are of equal importance to delivering a successful service. The relationships and report built over the years is a testament to the ability to work collaboratively and effectively in delivering positive outcomes for the organisation. Be it with vendors, suppliers or other service providers, Interleave always works for the betterment of Glen Eira.

An annual council staff survey provides exceptionally positive feedback from council staff who rely regularly on the professional and knowledgeable service offered daily by the onsite resources.”  

~ Warren Gardiner, IT Manager, Glen Eira City Council

“They are always ready to support whenever you have a problem, no matter how busy they are, and always very professional and polite”

Major Projects

  • New wide area network spanning the entire council geographic area.
  • Upgrade server room
  • Deployment of VoIP telephone network
  • Virtualisation of physical server environment
  • Source and implement new SAN infrastructure
  • Upgrade backup environment
  • Deploy managed security service
  • Deploy new wireless network infrastructure throughout the organisation with centralised management
  • Build DR environment
  • Upgrade VMware to ESX6 and deploy new server infrastructure
  • Deploy EMC Data Domain deduplication devices for efficient and reliable backups

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