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We recognise that not all of our clients want to get involved in the day-to-day operations of their IT function.

We also know that some of our clients love to get involved.  Whatever the case, it can pay to have an experienced Third party evaluate your office IT and provide a refreshing perspective into the health of your business systems.

Interleave’s IT Assessment is an independent assessment service providing strategic advice at both managerial and technical levels so you can ensure IT threats don’t undermine your profitability. We will work with you based on your needs from providing what we call a “Walk-through” Audit with high-level recommendations, to conducting an 360 Degree Audit Assessment with appropriate stakeholder engagement.

An IT Assessment is conducted by our Senior Business IT Consultants, assessing a range of functions including:

• Current IT Infrastructure
• Document Management Systems
• IT Risk Management
• Network Design
• Hardware Adequacy for business needs
• Backup Strategies
• Server Performance & Capacity
• Virus and security status
• Internet Usage
• System Documentation

We perform all assessments with discretion and are happy to provide non-disclosure agreements on request

How your business can benefit

ROI through cost efficiency review

Independent advice

Strategic roadmap for the future

Expenditure forecasting assistance

Confidential & discreet

Interleave can also provide IT Security assessments

Vulnerability and Security Tests

Our Vulnerability and IT Security Audit is a 36O degree review of your organisation using both manual and software testing tools. We review staff security training, switches, firewalls, networks, servers, licenses, printers, software, we test your people and their processes – we ensure we test every part of your IT systems with our team.

Our audits collect vast quantities of data that our engineers can then analyse to recommend security improvements for your network. It is crucial to educate your staff on IT security protocols, implement strict policies and help them to practice good IT security. Our tests also identify any technological weaknesses, allowing you to take action before a breach may occur to keep your company, staff and customers safe.

Every business should conduct a security audit at least once a year to monitor and strengthen their network. As technology advances and threats become more prominent, regular tests help to reduce your risk by ensuring your company is protected with the latest software developments and prepared to defend against the latest threats. Interleave presents the results of each audit in a clear report with prioritised issues for our client to address. Our clients are able to make an informed decision about the future of your business’ IT security practices based on our discoveries.

To arrange an IT Security Audit for your company, call Interleave today and book a discovery appointment with one of our specialists.

Data Risk

Your organisation relies on data on a daily basis to make decisions and perform its regular functions. This makes data the most important thing for an organisation. Our database audit services involves observing and auditing databases in order to be aware of the actions of database users and operations that take place. This is to ensure that information is not accessed by those without the permission to access it.
We can provide a complete audit of your database infrastructure and provide recommendations to improve your security and compliance. Contact us today for more information.


Penetration Test

Cyber crime in Australia in 2016 cost businesses more than $5 Billion. A penetration test can prevent your business from becoming part of that statistic and provide you with the information required to strengthen your IT security. Our results are helping to mitigate risk and raise awareness for clients across varying industries.
Although cyber criminals are opportunistic and generally don’t discriminate, smaller companies in particular often have security weaknesses in their IT systems, becoming targets for even amateur hackers. Once they have gained access, these criminals can cripple your business in a number of ways including infecting data files, stealing funds and accessing customers’ private information.
Our penetration tests challenge not only your software but also your staff. Human error can be one of the greatest security vulnerabilities in an organisation and by highlighting bad practices, our penetration tests can help you develop company policies and conduct training workshops with employees.
Our penetration tests use a zero footprint audit process and the results are presented in a straightforward report format. Our technicians can talk you through every aspect of the tests, the severity of each system flaw and offer their recommendations. 

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