Managed IT Services

Our IT Managed Service offers your organisation an outsourced IT Department. 

Depending on our client requirements and size, our service may comprise of full-time IT staff on-site, part-time resources on-site, or a service that is managed remotely.

Fixed Monthly Fee
Mutually Agreed Service Level Support Model
Unlimited Remote & Onsite Support where necessary
Loan our equipment free-of-charge to facilitate projects or upgrades.
No Hidden Costs

Our Managed IT Services

Infrastructure Management and Scheduled maintenance

All of our client infrastructure inventory management, including leasing arrangements, is managed by our team of experts.  Our team have significant experience in large–scale IT rollouts and know that technical change will bring great benefits when properly designed and well delivered.  Our responsibility is to ensure that the technology continues to meet user requirements.  Infrastructure change is about combining planning, process and technology, and communicating effectively throughout the project. 

Remote or Onsite Helpdesk Support Options

We actively monitor and manage IT incidents and provide the communications channel for all IT related questions from the user community.  Our user community consist of more than just the employees of an organisation as we extend our services to the customer be they a ratepayer, student, or parent. Our Service Desk provides an interface for activities such as change requests, third party contractors and software licensing.

Proactive Server and Desktop Support

Our desktop and server solutions begin by focusing on server health. If your server goes down, then your entire computer network is affected. Server health requires a proactive approach that addresses uptime, availability, security and business continuity.  Our desktop support and server support services are tailored to your business, making sure that your computer networks are secure and that you receive the highest levels of desktop maintenance and monitoring.

Proactive network management and monitoring

Put simply, we know about any problems on our client’s network before they happen. We know and understand that server errors cost businesses money and in some cases their reputation. It is essential that infrastructure is monitored and reported on in near real-time, to ensure that any network problems or errors are quickly intercepted and prevented from impacting on the smooth running of a business.

Patch Management

Interleave will manage security patch deployment that is critical to the integrity and health of your servers and desktops. Interleave will be responsible for maintaining current knowledge of available patches, deciding what patches are appropriate for particular systems, ensuring that patches are installed and tested properly, and documenting all associated procedures, such as specific configurations required. 

Vendor Management

Our model is one of transparency and honesty.  We do not add margins to vendor products and solutions – we make our living through our project and managed services work.  This ensures we are truly vendor agnostic. We help you control costs, drive service excellence and mitigate risks to gain increased value from the vendor.

Intrusion detection, Anti-virus and security update management

We will provide monitored alerts regarding network and security related issues such as bad log in attempts and intrusion detection. We can collect data on various user behaviours and alert on policy violations. We can install and manage the latest next generation anti-virus solutions for your business

Management of Network Devices

With our monitored services, each device within the client’s organisation is monitored daily. Statistics from each device are collected and analysed by our specialised IT staff. Monitored services are a vital component to the stability and maintenance of your network infrastructure, and enable Interleave to provide a proactive approach to your network security, data integrity and desktop support.

Firewall and Security Services Management

Interleave can manage your security for your entire network whether it is your firewall, web filtering, email filtering, Intrusion Detection or SEIM.  We also ensure that our customers and their users are as well-educated as we are when it comes to security.  We have embraced the philosophy of intrusion detection and ensure our clients have plans and strategies in place to deal with any threats.

Asset and Software Management

Our team collects all installed product keys and maintains a dynamic software inventory for each client. 

Experts On-demand

Interleave are available 24×7 to manage all of your network issues including software changes, policy violations, low disk space, unapproved network access, and monitoring of event logs.

Back Ups and DR Management

The backup and restoration procedures must support the risk tolerance levels of the business. Interleave perform nightly (or more frequently if required) backups of your mission critical data. We also implement disaster recovery solutions to get you back up and running quickly in the event of an emergency.

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