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The City of Brimbank is a local government area located within the metropolitan of Melbourne, Victoria. The city has an area of 123 Km2 with a 2015 population of 199,000 making it one of the largest municipalities in the state. Council employs over 1,400 staff across 24 geographically dispersed sites. In 1994 Council amalgamations took place throughout Victoria. The amalgamation of the cities of Keilor and Sunshine effectively formed the City of Brimbank.  Following amalgamations, the Victorian State Government also introduced Compulsory Competitive Tendering (CCT).  

Business Challenge

In the 1990’s, with IT costs soaring and working in a fast-moving environment that required a clear strategy and strong leaderdship, many councils had to rely on the expertise of external IT contractors.  Brimbank had 10 Full-Time IT staff.  In 1999, under the new CCT model, the executive decision was made to award the on-premise ICT tender to Interleave Australia effectively reducing 10 full time in-house staff down to 5 effective full time resources.  ICT application, helpdesk support and infrastructure management was completely outsourced and managed solely by Interleave Australia.


Since the awarding of the ICT contract in 1999, the team at Interleave Australia have built a strong working relationship with the employee base at Brimbank and are seen as an integral part of the team. Interleave has demonstrated on many occasions sound knowledge and ability when undertaking major ICT projects.   Our team have instilled an unrivalled level of confidence amongst council’s executive panel and ICT Governance committee.  

A stable onsite resource base ensures specific knowledge is retained. Interleave promotes a desirable working culture and environment and this shows having experienced minimal resource turnover in the past 17 years. With high staff retention, onsite knowledge is retained allowing highly effective troubleshooting and resolution techniques.

Council has experienced gradual staff increases over the past 17 years. ICT infrastructure has also increased exponentially to accommodate changing requirements with noticeable changes in networking topologies, virtual environments, mobility technology, workstation and server fleets and application deployments. Interleave now employ 8 effective full time resources that represents an increase of only 3 EFTs since 1999.

An annual council staff survey provides exceptionally positive feedback from council staff who rely regularly on the professional and knowledgeable service offered daily by the onsite resources. 

“No job large or small phases this team at all! The skills they individually possess and as a team is invaluable. Brimbank City Council is very fortunate to have such a multi skilled and very approachable team.”

Major Projects

Interleave understands the requirements of Brimbank and has delivered on many occasions beneficial large scale infrastructure projects as part of their responsibilities under the ICT contract.

Brimbank City Council has recently relocated to a new seven floor civic centre which required meticulous planning and consideration so as to minimise downtime and relocation issues. Various key project milestones included:

  • Imaging, configuring and deploying over 550 new workstations
  • Network topology design and implementation
  • Relocation of current server hardware
  • Three new Wifi networks for corporate staff, public and guests
  • Telephony system relocation
  • Design and recommendation of meeting room AV requirements.

Interleave were able build a network which allowed both sites, new and old to operate in parallel with absolutely no interruption to services, fulfilling the requirements of the service level agreement.  In terms of a technical transition from old site to new, the move was transparent on many ICT levels and staff were able to continue day to day operations seamlessly. This significant achievement was completed without additional staff resourcing.

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